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GREY MILLET – Certified Organic – 5lb Bag

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    Premium, Certified Organic Grey Millet Seed.

    • Premium, certified organic, grey millet seeds.
    • non-GMO verified.
    • Our certified organic grey millet provides a bounty of taste and nutrition for many species. Superior to common millets, this seed is very unique in its valuable nutritional qualities. A sure hit!
    • Attracts a wide variety of backyard birds including Chickadees, Finches, Titmouse, Doves, Monks and many other species of North American wild birds.
    • BUDGIES / COCKATIELS: Grey millet is a great premium, certified organic, non-GMO verified alternative to millet based small pet bird pet-store seed mixes. Recommended for short term use prior to (in addition to) conversion to Harrison's small bird nugget formulas (High Potency Super Fine or Adult Lifetime Super Fine)
      May be a helpful tool in Bird Bread diet conversions.

    How to Offer

    Millet is best offered in tray-type feeders or tube type feeders. The grain is too small for mesh feeders. Offer fresh, clean feeder regularly.

    Grey Millet Ingredients

    Certified organic grey millet.

    Guaranteed Analysis

    Protein 12%, Fat 4%, Fiber 14%, Moisture 12%.


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