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Clinical Avian Medicine


Clinical Avian Medicine

Greg Harrison, DVM, Dipl ABVP-Avian, Dipl ECAMS and Teresa Lightfoot, DVM, Dipl ABVP-Avian, have compiled the expertise and experience of 50 international contributing authors (and 50 reviewers) to produce an extraordinary two-volume reference, with over 1000 pages of text and over 1300 color images, for veterinarians and other avian health professionals.

The purpose of the book Clinical Avian Medicine is to provide some highlights of emerging thoughts, techniques and procedures that are currently being assimilated into avian practice.


 All these publications are for educational purposes ONLY – this information is not intended to help owners self-diagnose or treat their own or others birds

Clinical Avian Medicine (Table of Contents)

Chapter 1: Clinical Practice
Chapter 2: Companion Bird
Chapter 3: Concepts in Behavior I
Chapter 4: Nutrition I
Chapter 4: Nutrition II
Chapter 5: Calcium
Chapter 6: Physical Examination
Chapter 7: Emergency and Critical Care
Chapter 8: Pain Management
Chapter 9: Therepeutic Agents
Chapter 10: Integrative Medicine
Chapter 11: Low Risk Pest Management
Chapter 12: Cardiology
Chapter 13: Integument
Chapter 14: Gastrointenstinal
Chapter 15: Evaluating and Treating the Liver
Chapter 16: Evaluating and Treating the Kidneys
Chapter 17: Evaluating and Treating the Nervous System
Chapter 18: Evaluating and Treating the Reproductive System
Chapter 19: Endocrine Considerations
Chapter 20: Overview of Tumors
Chapter 21: Preventive Medicine
Chapter 22: Diagnostic Value of Hematology
Chapter 23: Diagnostic Value of Biochemistry
Chapter 24: Diagnostic Value of Endoscopy and Biopsy
Chapter 25: Advances in Diagnostic Imaging
Chapter 26: Diagnostic Value of Necropsy
Chapter 27: Update on Chlamydophila psittaci
Chapter 28: Implications of Mycobacteria in Clinical Disorders
Chapter 29: Implications of Mycosis in Clinical Disorders
Chapter 30: Implications of Macrorhabdus in Clinical Disorders
Chapter 31: Implications of Toxic Substances in Clinical Disorders
Chapter 32: Implications of Viruses in Clinical Disorders
Chapter 33: Updates in Anesthesia and Monitoring
Chapter 34: Surgical Resolution of Orthopedic Disorders
Chapter 35: Surgical Resolution of Soft Tissue Disorders (A)
Surgical Resolution of Soft Tissue Disorders (B)
Surgical Resolution of Soft Tissue Disorders (C)
Surgical Resolution of Soft Tissue Disorders (D)
Chapter 36: Management of Waterfowl
Chapter 37: Management of Racing Pigeons
Chapter 38: Management of Galliformes
Chapter 39: Management of Canaries, Finches and Mynahs
Chapter 40: Management of Raptors (A)
Management of Raptors (B)
Chapter 41: Management of Captive Ratites
Chapter 42: Management of Zoos and Park Birds