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The single most important thing you can do for your bird is to feed it right.

Harrison’s Bird Foods is the pioneer in avian nutrition.

Harrison’s formulas were the first and remain the number one veterinary-recommended certified organic pet bird food Worldwide. Dr. Greg Harrison (DVM), the creator of Harrison’s Bird Foods, is a double board-certified avian specialist (retired) with over 40 + years of experience in bird care. He transformed his all-bird practice into an avian wellness clinic, incorporating preventive medicine through precise, proper nutrition and this expertise was the forming foundation for all Harrison’s formulas. The formulas were created based on pet bird nutrition (not poultry like most other diets) and formulated by Dr. Harrison, other avian veterinarians, and avian nutritionists. The formulas are backed by over 40 years of successful feeding and breeding trials.


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High Potency Formulas are for birds of all sizes that are converting to Harrison’s from another diet, have special needs, are breeding or weaning.

Adult Lifetime Maintenance Formulas are recommended after most birds have been on a High Potency formula for at least 6 months.

Power Treats are high-powered nuggets that are beneficial for birds requiring extra energy following an illness, need help with skin, beak, nails or feathers or are aging.

Bird Bread Mixes are certified, organic “bake at home” mixes that provide a healthy alternative for owners who choose to prepare their own bird treats.

JumpStart Grey Millet and Omega are healthy alternatives to conventional seeds that may already be familiar to a budgie, cockatiel or other small seed-eating species.

Juvenile Hand-Feeding Formula is an easily digestible food for hand-feeding psittacine chicks over 7 days of age, any birds recovering from illness or injuries, or for support during diet conversion.

Fauna Flora is a nutritional support product to help improve digestion, regulate normal blood sugar, assist malabsorption issues, improve mental and physical capabilities and stimulate the immune system.

Recovery Formula is a complete, certified organic, easily assimilated nutritional formula for sick or injured birds, especially insectivorous species and other animals.

Milk Thistle is a herbal dietary supplement that promotes healthy liver function.

George’s Aloe Vera conditions feathers and skin, helps combat inflammation, controls blood sugar levels and treats constipation.

Wild Wings Certified Organic Seeds are a collection of premium, certified organic seeds.

Harrison’s Bird Foods Functional Ingredients

Harrison’s Bird Foods use foods that have a potentially positive effect on health beyond basic nutrition.

“There seems to be a profound immune supportive effect to Harrison’s Bird Foods. It is unlikely that this is due to a single component of the products; it seems to be a result of the combination of the ingredients and the lack of toxic residues.” Fern Van Sant, DVM.  Dr. Van Sant is describing the observation clinically of the Entourage effect. Compounds act synergistically which magnifies the therapeutic benefits of the plant’s individual components.

(British Journal of Pharmacology, 164 970:1344-64)

Ground yellow corn (high dent)

Whole toasted and rolled soybeans

Whole peanuts





Sunflower Kernels

Hull-less Barley



Brown Rice

Toasted Oat groats

Grey Millet


Sesame Seeds

Harrison’s Bird Foods has a formula for every life stage and every species of birds.

Everything from finches, canaries, budgies, cockatiels, conures, African Greys, cockatoos, to macaws and every species in between.

Some birds will readily eat Harrison’s, while others may require a little help. If your bird exhibits resistance to eating the Harrison’s nuggets, try the following quick tips to help convert your bird to Harrison’s Bird Foods.


Harrison’s Bird Foods begin with the health of your bird in mind. Our formulas feature premium ingredients blended in specific combinations to deliver the right amount of each nutrient for your individual bird’s needs. Our customers recognize the difference this makes. See what they have to say about us!


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