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Stay Fresh Organic Food Preserver

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    Stay Fresh Organic Food Preserver

    Extend the shelf life* of Harrison's Bird Foods after opening by using Stay Fresh Organic Food Preserver. Use on all your fresh fruits and vegetables too! Chop up fruits and vegetables as desired, transfer to a glass jar with metal lid and preserve with Stay Fresh to keep them fresh longer in the fridge and freezer.

    When nitrogen is introduced into a package, it drives out oxygen and any moisture present. By modifying the atmosphere inside the package, food packaging with nitrogen preserves quality, slows down spoilage and extends the products' shelf life

    How Nitrogen Protects Food
    What exactly does this additional barrier of nitrogen do for a food product? It all comes down to reduced exposure to oxygen, which prevents:

    Discoloration: Consumers expect a particular color when buying food. Even though oxygen doesn't spoil the food, it can still be discolored, creating a less-appetizing product and experience for the customer. This process is called enzymatic browning and often occurs in fruits and vegetables as the enzymes' natural processes are sped up in the presence of oxygen. If you've ever cut an apple and watched it turn brown when you don't eat it quickly, you've seen enzymatic browning in action. This type of oxidation can also cause the nutritional content of a product to be reduced.

    Spoilage: Of course, as food is exposed to the elements, it's going to break down faster. Exposure to oxygen causes lipid oxidation, which brings discoloration and odd flavors, along with a loss of nutrients.

    Texture Differences: Oxygen spoilage can also affect the texture of the food, leading to mushy vegetables, stale chips and other effects.

    "Off" Flavors: Similarly, as food breaks down upon exposure to oxygen and as bacteria eats away at it, you might notice some odd flavors.

    Many of these factors come from a combination of factors, like enzymatic processes, physical damage and microbial growth. That last factor can have various effects and isn't always visible — a perfectly ripe-looking tomato can be filled with undesirable bacteria. Different types of food are susceptible to many types of microorganisms, but keeping oxygen out of the equation is an effective way to prevent their growth and negative effects.


    *Added shelf life depends on user compliance, including keeping Harrison's Food in the original bag and using Stay Fresh as directed after every opening. Results are not guaranteed. Users should always check food for freshness prior to feeding.


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