Wild Parrots Rehabbing on Harrison’s











The following is a note shared with us from Teresa Micco, DVM.
Dr. Micco works in Redondo Beach, CA and has been rehabbing wild parrots.
A special thank you to Dr. Micco for sharing!

I just wanted to relate a story to you about the rehab work I have been doing with the wild parrots in the community and Harrison’s.

Each bird is unrelated to the next. This year, I have a 4-5 month-old lilac-crowned Amazon from a flock in Yucaipa with a fractured clavicle; an adult mitred conure from south Redondo Beach with severe head trauma (recovering); a fledgling mitred conure from USC campus that couldn’t keep up with the flock and ended up under the stairs of some students; and a nestling from Manhattan Beach whose nest bottom collapsed and he and his sibling fell 30 feet to some bushes below (the sibling was not so lucky). Each bird is being tube-fed Harrison’s Juvenile formula 4 times daily. All (except the nestling) have been offered a variety of fresh foods and seeds/nuts native to their wild environment. However, very little was eaten or any interest shown.

Although all but the lilac-crown and the adult conure were being parent fed at the time of their arrival to me, even they showed no interest in what was natural food to them, even when offered on branches! When I added Harrison’s High Potency Coarse grind and removed everything else except a bowl of water, voila! they ALL started eating the Harrison’s Hi-Potency Coarse the day I offered it.

The USC conure was strong enough to be returned to the wild yesterday after being with me for 2 weeks. He recognized the family’s call immediately and they were reunited. The first thing the parents did was feed him!

Thank you so much for the great products and all of your wonderful service!



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