Welcome to the All-New HarrisonsBirdFoods.com!

siteWelcome to the all-new HarrisonsBirdFoods.com! Harrison’s is proud to announce our new website for 2013, that includes lots of cool new Harrison’s imagery, modern look and feel features, maximum synergy with social media, an all new layout and a simplification of the ordering process.

Our new searchable clinic map incorporates easy functionality in regard to finding a Harrison’s reseller close to you. We are even providing links to clinics so you can check them out as well! Clinics are encouraged to submit their website info to Harrison’s if it is not currently in place.

Harrison’s “Biggest Fans” is an album of photos submitted by Harrison’s users, of their pretty birds – via Facebook. Is your bird a “Biggest Fan”? Please tell us on Facebook and we’ll feature your photos!

The Flock” is an all new forum function that will continue to expand with avian nutritional info, FAQs, and even a talkback feature that will allow you to connect publicly with us.

Ordering Harrison’s products has never been so easy. We have stripped back extraneous layers of shopping cart departments and added all new product photos* for simplify your buying process and to help you more easily make the right choice for your birds.

These features are just the beginning. Please take a look around and let us you what you think!

*All images contained within the Harrison’s Bird Foods website HarrisonsBirdFoods.com and subsequent pages are property of HBD International and may not be used without written permission.



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