Thoughts on Diet Conversion – By Dr. Harrison

Recently we were asked about resistance towards diet conversion. The response below from Dr. Harrison is a good read and addresses some key points in regard to why (and how) patience and persistence goes a long way in improving a bird’s diet.

“The reason we developed Harrison’s was because there was no other food program that even the devout could follow and get the results I wanted for my pet bird clients.
Our formulas were initially based on very successful diets designed by John Stoodley. Over the years we have re-addressed and improved the formulas based on input from avian nutritionists, other avian veterinarians and general usage feedback.
If you review the articles on our site (specifically John endorses our approach as being as good as his.

These conversion issues we are discussing today have long presented one the largest challenges in my work.

I ultimately found that presenting the information in the physical exam chapter of Clinical Avian Medicine along with examples of “perfect vs. poor feathers” and finally a USB microscope exam (50-100X)
of a bird to allow the specific clinical sign to be so obvious no one can miss it, convinced all but the totally closed minded.

Recent breakthroughs in addressing acceptance issues include preconditioning with Builder®.
A surprising number of birds need this build up and the attending herbal (milk thistle, SAMe) and organ supportive products (lactulose, apple cider vinegar or probiotic) published in our conversion literature, prior to executing a diet change. Preconditioning birds for conversion in this manner has been found to be a genuine leap forward in diet conversion methods.

The Bird Bread® and Power Treats ® have added many birds to the fold due to high acceptance.

Sadly, a huge percentage of birds still do not get converted. Patience and persistence (incorporating the dozens of ideas in our conversion literature) has worked over time on every case. “

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