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    When buying Harrison’s Bird Foods always confirm food is in its original packaging and that it has not passed “use by” dating on each bag.
    Only buy bag sizes that your bird will use up in six weeks (ie; don’t buy a giant bag of food for one bird).
    After opening do not repackage into other containers. The Harrison’s bag itself will maintain freshness better than other storing containers.

    Feed fresh daily and do not “top off” food bowls.

    Squeeze air from bag and re-seal zipper. If zip gets damages simply roll down top and use a chip-clip.
    Store food in freezer or refrigerator for maximum freshness and always mind the “use up in six weeks” rule.
    If food remains in bag after six weeks, discard bag /contents and move on to another bag.

    Insects/moths/pests love organic grains as much as birds do. Never store food in a manner that it can exposed. Rodents can easily eat through just about any food-containing a bag, sealed or not.
    Zipped, squeezed and frozen (or fridge) is the best way to never worry about this concern.

    Got more questions? Please contact Harrison’s Customer Service @ 800-346-0269

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