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  • April 17, 2013 at 9:04 pm #5075

    Research in small birds shows that while it may be assumed that high protein attributes to renal failure but there is in fact no evidence of this and very low amount of kidney lesions in small birds on high protein feeds.
    Harrison’s recommends HIGH POTENCY Formulas in kidney/renal birds.
    Overall nutritional health, delivered by the best diets possible trump this concern and we have for many years seen High Potency perform excellent in small birds.

    If the bird is suspected of genetic mutation or is showing high urinary amounts  adding 15 – 20% organic grey millet to the diet to slow frequency and amount of urine may be indicated.

    “In avian clinical medicine, uric acid concentration is considered to be indicative of renal function (29). Further, many avian species presenting with high plasma uric acid levels are diagnosed with gout and renal dysfunction. The cause of these pathologies is often attributed to protein toxicity (32). However, renal sections in the present experiment showed no evidence of pathology at either the gross or the histologic level”
    – Klasing


    “Most birds starting on Harrison’s have been on seeds and limited supplements. Their veterinarians have diagnosed malnutrition do to being on seeds. The five categories of missing nutrients are vitamins (A, D, E and B complex) protein (amino acids), omega 3 fatty acids, minerals (especially calcium) and trace minerals (iodine etc.). These deficiencies cause the general condition of malnutrition. The birds major organ systems – liver, kidney, cardiovascular and the intestinal microflora (consisting of millions of health giving bacteria in a bird on a balanced diet) are all I’m various stages of disease.”
    – Harrison



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