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  • May 7, 2013 at 7:55 pm #9840

    Another question we are asked daily is in regard to storing Harrison’s.
    Please keep in mind that Harrison’s is a certified organic product – and does not contain chemical preservatives.
    With this in mind we developed a bag that will keep the food fresh BETTER than plastic, Tupperware, storage bins etc.

    The Harrison’s bag is a very effective, re-sealable oxygen/moisture/light barrier.
    It’s layering consists of metallic foil (keeps light and oxygen out – VERY important!) plastic lining (Keeps moisture out).
    Blocking all of these processes is critical to keeping a food fresh. The zipper lock allows you to squeeze out any oxygen inside the bag.

    Did you know? Oxygen ions can pass right through plastic, rendering Tupperware and zippie bags less effective than the Harrison’s foil-lined bag..

    Use up contents of an open bag in 6 weeks.
    Would you eat food out of a cereal box opened longer than six weeks? It would be pretty limp – even preserved cereal.
    You certainly would not eat bread that had been opened that long either..


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