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  • May 8, 2013 at 6:02 pm #9848

    On occasion we are asked about why Harrison’s pricing is “so high”.
    And yes, Harrison’s is probably always going to cost more than a bag of “cheapy seed” down at the big box store. But in all fairness it is pretty much impossible to compare apples to apples when it comes to bird food pricing.

    Harrison’s intentionally spares no expense when it comes to premium, certified organic ingredients. Our products are made specifically to produce the best health results and in doing so more expensive ingredients, processes and other materials are involved.
    Two areas we go the extra mile on to keep your bird healthy:
    – Premium whole, chunked, certified organic ingredients (yes, that is a lot of adjectives!). No byproducts or fine-milled or bleached wheat flours or other “fillers”. Harrison’s is 100% good stuff.
    – Premium packaging. Harrison’s goes the extra mile in creating a freshness-barrier, re-sealable bag that will keep the food fresher than pretty much any other container.

    Now here’s the other good news: HARRISION’S ISN’T REALLY ALL THAT EXPENSIVE!
    Comparing similar products pricing from the big pet store chains we find the following:
    – A 12oz bucket of popular “seedy treats” runs $10.99
    – A 22oz bag of popular name-brand “natural” (whatever that means) pellets runs $8.99
    – A monster sack of popular seeds and dried fruit (14lb) runs $62. Yeah that’s only around $4.50 per lb, but of course there’s shells and those big clunky orange things your bird refuses to eat so we’re really talking about $8.00 per lb of food the bird actually eats.
    Did I mention all the products listed above are non-organic?
    Now here’s the rub – Harrison’s High Potency (our most expensive formula) runs $8.33 for 1lb.
    Yup that’s right in the same price range as the others..

    Daily cost to feed Harrison’s looks something like this..
    – One small bird that consumes a 1lb bag of High Potency Fine in six weeks is an investment of around 26 cents daily (I even included shipping on this one)
    – One large bird that consumes a 5lb bag in six weeks is an investment of around 90 cents daily (again with a shipping included)

    So that’s 26¢ daily for the small bird and 90¢ daily for the large bird.
    Is your bird worth that?

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