FRUITS & VEGGIES – Is Supplementing Necessary?

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  • May 7, 2013 at 7:45 pm #9839

    Two common questions we receive are:
    1) My bird will not eat fruits or veggies, is this OK?
    – In short the answer is yes, this is fine. Birds solely on Harrison’s typically do very well health-wise and these items are not critical to a bird’s diet in most cases.

    2) My bird does eat fruits and veggies. How much should I feed?
    – Harrison’s recommends dark green, leafy veggies – right at about 10% of the total diet by weight. Sweet potato is great as well.
    Keep in mind, 10% by weight is not typically an “overflowing salad bowl” but more of a garnish amount. The point is to not dilute the formulated diet with large amounts of watery items.
    Fruits in some cases are almost entirely water and can be high in sugars (Dehydrated fruit is essentially candy and is not recommended) and a bird that gets full on water/sugar will eat less of his/her formulated diet and subsequently benefit less from the diet.

    Keep in mind that a grape typically weighs around 1.5g – and a bird that weights say 150 – 200 g eating one grape is essentially the same as a normal sized person eating a 1.5lb grape. This is A LOT of grape!

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