DIET CONVERSION – Bird Bread Method for Small – Medium Parrots.

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    For a for in-depth discussion on the Bird Bread Method please click here: Bird Bread Conversion

    The following method is intended for smaller, more diet-critical birds.
    It should be noted that a small bird should never go a full day without eating food. Weigh your bird daily (grams scale) during diet changes and never “cold-turkey” a small bird.

    – Determine bird’s favorite food (in most cases this will be seed) and keep plenty on hand.
    – DAY 1 – bake Harrison’s Bird Bread into smaller mini-muffin sized pyex bake-pans and make half the mini muffins with a generous allotment of the seed (favorite food) and the other half of the muffins with a lesser amount.
    – Feed Bird Bread with the higher amount of seed first and make sure the bird is foraging through the muffin for seed and eating. Make note of whether the bird is also now eating Bird Bread.
    – When consumption of Bird Bread is confirmed start adding muffins with lesser amount of seed. Always confirm the bird is eating and maintaining normal frequency and amounts of “poops”
    – Over a few day continue to taper seed amounts down and gradually replace seed with High Potency Fine or Super Fine and closely oversee eating habits.

    After a week to ten day most small birds will be eating the small nuggets. Keep seed on hand for the first month and closely observe eating habits, poops and bird’s weight. If the bird is not eating nuggets offer seed and start process over.

    You should only have to fully switch a bird once so remain patient and diligent.

    As always, should you ever need support in converting a bird please contact Jean Coffinberry (

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