BIRD BREAD – Can it be Used as a Main Diet?

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  • May 6, 2013 at 7:50 pm #9822

    One question that the Harrison’s Support Team frequently receives is “can I just feed Harrison’s Bird Bread” rather than switching to the nuggets?
    The answer is Yes (with a *).
    Harrison’s Bird Bread is ground Harrison’s nuggets with a small amount of other items included (some seed, corn etc).
    Though ideally a bird would be switched fully to a ‘nugget’ formula (High Potency. etc.), remaining on Bird Bread will indeed deliver the same excellent nutrition

    * The use of Bird Bread, which when prepared includes eggs will be higher in certain fats etc. due to the egg content. If the bird’s diet is strictly controlled this should not pose a problem. Birds consuming regular egg should be frequently observed for body weight etc.

    Harrison’s Technical Support Staff is available to help with full diet conversion support. Please let us know should you require such help.

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