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After seeing a bunch of cool, cozy Canary photos on facebook we asked our friend Laura Miles of Archonny Corner in The UK to share how she managed to tame and nuzzle with her rescue Canaries. Not all Canary owners are able to accomplish what is a not-so-small feat with these small birds.

What follows are some pretty cool details from Laura…

Taming Canaries

~ Canaries are often damaged souls that suffer greatly with being in captivity, so for them to find comfort in one of their caregivers is a real savior for them.
Often they are shown or used for their colorful plumage in aviaries, sometimes I think that people really miss the intelligence & complex charm of the Canary.c3

To get close to your Canary they need to be in your world you need many hours of just watching them. This way you will start to see their unique qualities. You will not always gain the bond with your Canary  – if they become stressed on handling you must stop. Stress can kill Canaries.
How you gain their trust is go to their cage & teach them ‘the noise’.

This is a soothing sound you make with your mouth and it will keep your Canary focused and at ease. When they learn ‘the noise’ (best noise to make is shushing quietly) then begin daily health checks. Using the noise, slowly catch your Canary in your hand causing as little stress as possible. Then feel gently down the back, checking the oil gland (you can see if it’s waxy by eye) Then gently down their front, check wings, tail & feet. Then give them a tiny kiss. Not forgetting to do ‘the noise’ throughout.c2c1

Eventually your Canary will learn that no harm is coming to them – and they get a health check daily which is also vital. As each health check goes by they will grow more confident & find more comfort in ‘the noise’ as they start to associate it with gentle touch. You can then start to introduce more fussing. Their favorite spot for a tickle is under their chin, at first they will peck you, let them.

Canaries, particularly males, think they are the boss. What you need to teach them is that you are equal. If they nip, allow them and continue to chin-tickle. Over time they will start to tilt their head so you get the best angle and squint with pleasure. Sometimes Canaries aren’t tame-able, and sometimes handling is as far as you will get. But sometimes you can begin placing their feet on your finger so they feel safe, then slowly take your hand away. This will take a long time, but it benefits the Canary greatly. Once they are confident with sitting on your finger, you have a cuddly Canary. But if they don’t take to your hand, try taming them to the top of your head, sometimes this works better.

Once you go through this long & magical process, you will truly respect just how remarkable & beautiful Canaries are. ~

About Archonny Corner

Archonny Corner!

~ My pet Bird rescue is called Archonny Corner.
It is made up of half of the name of my first Bird Archie and half of the name of an African grey parrot I’m very close to called Sonny. (Sonny isn’t actually mine) Archie was bought for me for my 13th birthday, he was my first-ever Bird. Archie died very young, we now know from peanut mold. At the time I knew nothing about Harrison’s, I just knew my Archie was my soul-mate. Once I was ready for another Bird after Archie’s death, I got 2 of the most amazing Cockatiels called Pickle & Pumpkin.

After a few weeks Pickle lost all of his flight feathers & was almost dying, we rushed him to the vet. What was wrong with him? Liver problems due to a seed diet, in the UK Harrison’s knowledge is very rare & most Birds are very sick here, but luckily our vet is Harrison’s-aware. We got Pickle better & discovered the magic of Harrison’s.

This realization that I could have prevented my Archie’s death by feeding this amazing food made me feel awful. Had I failed my companion?
Every day I try to get UK seed feeders to read about Harrison’s, but it’s hard to get people to listen.

This realization that many Birds were sick & the cure is simple, to feed Harrison’s instead of seed, I needed to save these Birds. I came up with the name for Archonny Corner and it was nothing but a dream for many months. Until the vet put some pictures of 2 very sick looking Zebra Finches on their page, they were found by house clearance men after their elderly owner passed away, Archonny Corner was born! Harrison’s Bird foods & the most amazing flock members built Archonny Corner without me noticing. Almost a year & 30 residents on, we would not feed anything else. Harrison’s is just a life food, improving feathers, improving energy & giving your angel the nutrition they need. Archonny Corner is a 100% Organic-feeding pet bird rescue that we run in the UK. Harrison’s Bird foods & 100% Organic fruit & Vegetables are the only thing AC feeds. We are toxin-aware & give our flock intense stimulation daily.

We can guarantee that without the correct nutrition that Harrison’s Bird foods offer, not only would Archonny Corner not exist, but most of our residents would be dead. For Archie it was too late to correct his nutrition, he could still be here today, don’t leave it too late for your bird. Please choose Harrison’s! ~


We think it’s pretty cool that Laura has taken on the task of being a self-sustained rescue and we suspect she’ll make a whole lot of difference for a whole lot of birds. You know Harrison’s LOVES folks committed to organic!
Be sure to check out Laura’s current Facebook page that includes many great photos of her rescues. Archonny Corner – Before and Afters (updated with new link info).
We have more to share from Archonny Corner so keep checking in!


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