Why do I occasionally notice differences in Harrison’s from the previous batch?

Harrison’s ingredients are NOT GMO nor are they processed in a manner that destroys naturally occurring seasonal crop characteristics. This limited processing may result in very normal variances in finished nugget sizes (most noticeable in Super Fine Formulas) and the color, density and taste of the food may vary from batch to batch.

Harrison’s formulas are made from whole, intact, certified organic ingredients. This means your bird is getting the very best part of ingredients (the germ, bran and endosperm). Additionally, we do not fine-mill, bleach or chemically preserve the ingredients, which can and will reduce the nutritional value.

Noticeable seasonal variances seen in a product are a good thing!
Browse the aisles of your local organic market and observe similar statements on labels. One popular organic spaghetti sauce indicates on their label that the color and flavor of the sauce may vary from jar to jar. This is an indication of less processing, no artificial preserving etc. to their ingredients. Any person who grows hot peppers in their garden will attest to the fact that wet seasons result in milder peppers while dry seasons result in hot peppers. Just like organic apples on the shelf of an organic produce bin, one apple may be more crunchy and the next may be more juicy, and both may be of a differing color. In this way Mother Nature truly dictates the details of the finished Harrison’s product as well.

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