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    AVIAN PROBIOTIC (5 packets)

    Lactobacilli source used in pet birds by avian veterinarians.


    • To populate the gut with live, viable bacteria.
    • By popular request, a probiotic succesfully used in pet birds by avian veterinarians.
    • A 30 day round of avian probiotic may be beneficial for birds who are prescribed an antibiotic.

      Use 1/3 of a packet per day for a parrot weighing 500g or less.

      For bigger birds like macaws, use half packet per day.

      Can be mixed with Harrison’s Juvenile Hand-Feeding Formula, new Organic Recovery Hand-Feeding Formula, moistened nuggets or fresh fruit.

      Opened packets should be closed and stored in the refrigerator for a maximum of three days.

      Treatment period: Standard duration of treatment is 60 days.

      20 to 30 consecutive packages of probiotic is recommended.

      Antibiophilus has been used to treat dysbacteriosis in parrots for over 30 years with no known negative side effects..


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