Posy the Parakeet ditches the seeds!

Posy the Parakeet ditches the seeds!

We at Harrison’s would like to express our gratitude to our Canadian friend Angelika Zecha for taking the time to create this cool graphic detailing the progress her beautiful Rosy Bourke’s Parakeet “Posy” made using Harrison’s Bird Foods.

Why is it important to switch away from seeds?
A diet of seeds (even if they are vitamin fortified) simply does not meet the bird’s basic nutritional requirements. Commonly fed cereal grains like sunflower, millet, oats, safflower, and corn are deficient in at least 32 essential nutrients. As early as 1923, scientists observed health deficiencies in caged parrots that were fed seed diets, yet these diets continue to be fed to this day. Birds that eat seeds often seem to be “addicted” and are sometimes difficult to convert to a healthier dietThe bird selectively eats only certain types of seeds

Disadvantages of seeds
 – Seeds are often of low quality (dirty, old, contaminated with fungus and mycotoxins)
 – Selectively eaten seeds often have excessive fat content and lack high quality protein
 – Deficient in high quality minerals, trace elements, vitamins and primary amino acids
 – May stimulate aggression, picking and chronic egg laying

Is your bird a seed addict?
The discussion in regard to seeds fed as a main diet has been an ongoing topic for many decades. The improvement we see on birds switched from seeds to Harrison’s is profound. Please feel free to contact Harrison’s any time to discuss your bird’s diet. We have a live customer service staff awaiting your inquiries.
Our number is 1-800-346-0269 and our email is customerservice@harrisonsbirdfoods.com

Harrison’s loves all of our friends from north of the border. Thanks again Angelika for sharing your results!

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