National Bird Day Contest Entries.

Below is a link Dr. Harrison has asked to pass along to all of our friends that discusses the importance of free-flight in parrots. It’s amazing how insightful even the youngest kids can be…

LINK: National Bird Day Contest Entries

“January 5th is National Bird Day! This important occasion was established by the international animal protection organization, Born Free USA in conjunction with The Avian Welfare Coalition. Its purpose is to honor the diversity of beautiful bird species world wide, to encourage us all to help preserve the natural places that support birds, and to embrace freedom as the right of all winged creatures.

To herald the event, Foster Parrots & The New England Exotic Wildlife Sanctuary has sponsored a National Bird Day Awareness contest for children in grades 1 – 6. The children are asked to do their best work, coloring a picture of a parrot, and writing a paragraph answering the following:

Pretend you are a parrot!  – Tell us why flying free is important to you!”

“It is important because it allows me to explore the universe and not just be stuck in a tiny claustrophobic
space all day. Flying free is a feeling of independence and it allows me to interact with other parrots. Being in a cage is like staring into a wonderland while standing behind a pane of glass. It also provides
good physical exercise from being locked up.

Zane – Age 10″

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