Kakarikis Mango and Melon try Harrison’s Bird Bread – and Love It!

Special thanks to Laura D. (Lincolnshire, UK) for letting us use these wonderful images of her pet Kakarikis Mango and Melon trying Harrison’s Bird Bread Mix for the first time!

“Kakarikis in general are wonderful birds, while they do not fit in as making great pets due to the space and exercise needed they fitted into my lifestyle perfectly. I never wanted a parrot I’d have to cuddle and walk around with, they are wonderful to watch fly around the house and make an absolute mess!

After Mango fell ill Christmas Eve and was diagnosed with psittacosis, we had to make a hard decision to treat or not so we gave it a go. This means all my flock have been under strict quarantine and life has changed a bit. I even had to put breeding budgies to side and focus and getting everyone well. threw the toughest of times. You can still hear my Kakarikis making kissy noises and screaming ‘hello’ from their room.

Melon was a rescue from a family who owned three parrots, they started fighting so the family clipped their wings and threatened to release her into the wild. a rescue family came along who took on many animals and the little girl in who they named ‘Beau’. They treated her like gold and was spoilt rotten, I was then chosen to take her on. Now her flights are grown back in, she is more confident happy bird and isn’t scared of trying her best at anything!

I think they are brave little soldiers! with a heart of gold.”

I asked for some samples of Harrisons through the post and both Kakarikis took to them no problem, i then went to place an order and noticed the bird bread was on offer- why not get some too!
When they arrived I had so much fun cooking them and made some lovely cute muffins and a slap.
My birds love them (even the budgies!) and they are a wonderful treat.”

Thanks again to Laura D. and our friends at The Avian Avenue!

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