JoJo and Chickie – caiques munching their Pepper Lifetime nuggets

Special thanks to our good friend Saroj for allowing us to post the video of her two beautiful caiques JoJo and Chickie indulging in some Pepper Lifetime Coarse!

From Saroj:
“JoJo and Chickie are 5 years old. They were on a mostly fresh fruits and veggies and seed mix diet for several years as recommended by the breeder. My vet kept encouraging me to offer Harrisons so I would buy a bag every month and still continued to serve seed. The nuggets would be ignored.
Then this august at our five year check our vet (Dr. Kimberley Breeze of Breeze Animal Hospital at Panama City Beach) said these guys are chubby! No seed for you! The caiques told her she was a seed Nazi LOL!
Anyways I stopped the seed and dished up those cute wooden pots full of Harrisons’s Pepper and went to work telling myself they would not starve since they eat a lot of fresh anyways. Much to my shock and delight I came home to find the unprinted paper on the grate strewn with bits of nuggets all over!
Aaargh I should have tried this years ago!!!! LOL better late than never. We haven’t looked back since and between the two of them and my grey they use up 5 lbs every month. Not all of it gets eaten but that is the way it is with birds….they must feed the jungle floor from the canopies you know!
Some of the nugget bits my grey leaves on his tree stand…the cockatiel and quaker fly over and eat. its broken down to the right size for them!
Oh, and my ultra finicky red bellied parrot…..well the silly boy doesn’t realize I am tricking him with Harrisons Pepper Birdie bread!
Thank you for the great products!”

As always, thank you Saroj!

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