Joey Loves Harrison’s Bird Foods – Part II

After posting our first images of Joey we recieved these new “before and afters” and Joey’s playground. Note the improvement in Joey’s feathers, beak and feet.. Even more important than the improvements you can physically see are the internal ones you can’t see..

Joey’s Story: “I inherited Joey from my PawPaw after he passed away in August of 2008. At the time, she had been mostly fed a diet of pistachios. While I know my grandparents did the best they knew how, I wanted to honor my PawPaw by giving Joey the best life possible. Thank goodness for Dr. Strother from the North Alabama Cat and Bird Clinic. She highly recommended Harrison’s for Joey and gave me a sample to take home. Like I said in the earlier email, the transition was a snap and Joey was hooked after only 3 days! Her Vet records show that all her levels are right on target and that she is completely healthy.” – Elli
Special thanks to Elli for sharing her wonderful story and photos of Joey with us. 🙂

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