HARRISON’S BIRD BREAD as a Conversion Tool for Small Bird Species

Switching a bird to Harrison’s is generally a simple conversion process. For many birds it’s as simple as just offering the food, confirming that the bird is indeed eating the food (not hiding or tossing it) then remove the previous diet and keeping a close eye on the bird’s eating and pooping habits*.

Sometimes birds ignore new food offerings and require some help switching. Abandoining the conversion process is not doing your bird any favors and there are tools available to help make switching “tough” birds an easy process. One such tool is the use of Harrison’s Bird Bread Mix, a  certified organic, bake-at-home bread mix that is well received by birds, large and small..

Check out the following conversion via Harrison’s Bird Bread documentation:


Successful trial conversion
A very stubborn pair of budgies who were on a strict diet of grocery store spray millet were brought to us for a conversion trial.

We spent week one observing eating habits and introduced AVIx Bird Builder to their water. The pair was ravenous for spray millet but turned up their beaks to anything else offered.

At that point we baked up a batch of Harrison’s Bird Bread in small muffin shapes with spray millet mixed into the bread. The bread was broken up into pieces and placed on top of a clean paper towel at the bottom of the cage.

As expected, for the first few days the pair sorted through the muffins for the millet. On day three though we observed that they were also now eating bits of the Bird Bread. The amount of millet mixed into the bread was reduced and eventually replaced with High Potency Fine. After a few more days the millet was completely removed and High potency Fine was scattered amongst the pieces of Bird Bread on top of the white paper towel.

Within a few days not only were they off spray millet completely and they were now eating only Bird Bread and HPF.

*(A bird that stops or slows in regard to pooping may not be eating enough). Always keep a food on hand that you know your bird will eat during the conversion process.
Quick Tips For Converting Your Bird’s Diet

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