Harrison’s Conversion Mix

A Premium, Certified Organic Diet Conversion Mix

STEP 1: Prepare conversion environment.

Choose a clean cardboard box or other opaque and safe environment
that will serve as a “conversion cage.”
Place the mirror (included with the kit) on the floor in the center of the box.

Prepare dry food by thoroughly mixing together:
– one part seed that the bird is known to eat
– one part Conversion Mix
– one part High Potency Fine (HPF)

Place a bit of the mixture on the mirror inside the box.
Place a water cup in the enclosure but do not add other bowls or perches.

STEP 2: Place the bird in the box and observe its eating habits.

If the bird immediately eats all of the food offered, move on to STEP 3.
If the bird ignores the food and may prefer something moist, try making a gruel by adding a small (1/2 Tablespoon) warm water.

The goal is for the bird to forage out the seeds from the moist doughball, eventually eating Conversion Mix and HPF.

If the bird refuses to eat altogether, return it to its regular enclosure and return its normal food.

STEP 3: Gradually reduce the amount of seeds offered.

This step should occur a few days after the bird is seen eating the Conversion Mix.
Start by reducing the amount of the seed. Make sure the bird continues to eat.
Gradually remove more seeds over next few days until all that remains is Conversion Mix and HPF.

STEP 4: Taper off amount of Conversion Mix

Take as many days as necessary to gradually taper over to only High Potency Fine. The bird is perfectly safe eating Conversion Mix as long as it takes to accept HPF independently.