Baby – The African Grey












This is Baby, the African Grey rescued by Laura Miles / Archonny Corner in The UK. A new home and a new approach to diet has really helped turned Baby around. Thanks so much to Laura for sharing progress!

“Baby has been with us for about 3 weeks now. When he arrived he was kept in a cage only big enough for 2 Cockatiels & he only had 2 perches & a very old toy. Due to his poor diet of mainly sunflower seeds, cherry tomato & dried chilli along with his lack of exercise he could hardly move. His deformed legs were so painful with wasting muscles that he would shut his eyes in pain, he would crash to the floor of the new cage very easily due to being so weak.

When he moved his legs would badly shake & sometimes it would take him 3 tries before his leg would go forward. With the introduction of a foraging & exercise program along with a slow diet conversion his legs no longer shake & he runs everywhere so fast that we can’t always keep track of where he is. He hardly ever holds his leg up in pain any more & his overall health is transforming by the day. Baby has stopped plucking & he is loving his Organic diet. He was so loved in his previous home of 12 years, but as we always try to show people, love alone just isn’t enough.”

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