Avian Enzyme – Now in 2oz Packages

Today we highlight one of our most popular supplemental items – Avian Enzyme.
Now available in 2 oz. packaging, Avian Enzyme is ideal for any bird with suspected digestion concerns. If your bird is passing undigested food, not adding enough weight or simply doesn’t appear to benefit as it should from a good diet Avian Enzyme may help.

Avian Enzyme is added to your bird’s food and eases the assimilation of nutrients and overall digestion of foods. Avian Enzyme is ideal for use with Harrison’s formulas.

A source of live, naturally occurring enzymes for birds.


– To improve digestion in any bird under any condition.
– Uses can also include, birds with chronic pancreatitis, malabsorption syndrome, proventricular dilation, neonates with slow-emptying of the digestive system, geriatric birds, or birds under stress of illness.
– May be beneficial in Day 1-7 neonates being hand-fed.
– Also indicated in chronically ill or geriatric birds that seem to not be getting all the benefits from their food and for sick birds under stress of illness.
– For hand-feeding when formula seems too thick when the correct amounts of water and powder are used.

Dose and Administration: Add a pinch of Avian Enzyme over hand-raising formula and allow to stand after stirring to achieve desired consistency. If still too thick, add more Avian Enzyme. Do not add more water than called for in hand-feeding formula directions. Add to tube-feeding formula for sick birds – one pinch per feeding mixed in formula. Add to dry food for recovering birds – a pinch (1/16 tsp) per meal.

Ingredients: Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast cultured on corn, wheat, rye, malt, corn syrup and molasses.

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