Alternative to E Collars for Feather Pickers and Multilators

Shared by Dr. Kim Danoff,

“I put together some info for your pluckers and mutilators in case you are interested.  Much better for quality of life then rigid collars.

I have many friends w mutilating cockatoos and they swear by these vests/hoodies.
They usually have a few at home so they can have one in the wash and one on bird.   It’s very important for big mutilators to get the vest with kevlar reinforcement over the chest.  They can also reinforce the neckline too with fabric so a… determined bird cant reach the chest.  They have many many options and personally I find the website confusing only bc the many options aren’t clearly listed.  I recommend placing first order by phone and allowing them to guide you based on needs and then future orders can be placed online.  They are very stylish and even make super cute holiday fashions.

A few women also make and sell fabric collars that are great but look very different from the above (personally I find the vests more appropriate for long term use, as do my friends w mutilators; the fabric collars below would be a great item to keep in stock in clinic to sell to clients for short term use but many people use them long term too, it’s just a bit more cumbersome simply bc it’s a collar).

Protective Parrot Petals By Pam Pam Skidmore To place order: Or Like Facebook Page
Patti Lemaire-She is great but you need to contact her on Facebook to get more info.  They look like very colorful felt collars that are wide and have lots of fabric pieces and stuff dangling off for birds to chew on.  Her collars are a huge hit in the parrot welfare community!”

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