Premium, Certified Organic Wild Bird Seeds and Blends by The People Who Brought You Harrison's Bird Foods.

Feed Wild Wings and create a safe bird feeding oasis at home feed the birds in your back yard without using harmful chemical pesticides, preservatives, GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) or artificial flavorings/colorings, etc.
Birds love our premium, healthy seeds and blends and you'll love the safe haven that your yard becomes when choosing Wild Wings Organic Wild Bird Foods.

A sobering number: "It is estimated that  of the roughly 672 million birds exposed annually to pesticides on U.S. agricultural lands, 10% (67 million) are killed." - Smithsonian National Zoo & Biology Institute

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SAFFLOWER SEED  - Certified Organic - 10lb Bag

Wild Wings Organic Wild Bird Foods

GREY MILLET - Certified Organic - 5lb Bag

Wild Wings Organic Wild Bird Foods

NO FILLER BIRD THRILLER - Certified Organic - 10lb Unit

Wild Wings Organic Wild Bird Foods

BLACK AND WHITE - Certified Organic - 10lb bag

Wild Wings Organic Wild Bird Foods

HOPPER TOPPER - Certified Organic - 10 lb Bag

Wild Wings Organic Wild Foods




If your order is damaged upon arrival or has any outward problems, please notify us within 3 days of delivery for either a full refund or replacement of your product. Pictures may be required to begin the return/refund process. Products may be requested to be sent back to us to receive a refund.

If your bird is seemingly not interested in our food, please contact our customer service team or follow our Tips for Easy Diet conversion. (Remember never starve a bird) send us a message Customerservice@HarrisonsBirdFoods.com for helpful conversion tips. 

If your bird does not readily eat our products it is not because they don't like the food. It is because they do not recognize it as food and a conversion process is needed.

There are no refunds, returns, or replacements available 30 days from date of purchase.

All return shipping is the responsibility of the customer and returns may be required to receive a refund of products. (We do not resell returned products).

Our goal is for your 100% satisfaction and for the health and welfare of your bird(s), please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns. 
#Certifed Organic is Just the Beginning