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Soy protein isolate, Hi-oleic sunflower oil, Sugar, Calcium carbonate, Potassium chloride, Vitamin supplement (Vitamin A acetate, vitamin D3, dl-alpha tocopheryl acetate, vitamin B12, riboflavin, d-calcium pantothenate, niacin, pyridoxine hydrochloride, d-biotin, thiamine mononitrate, folic acid, zinc sulfate, manganese sulfate, copper sulfate, sodium selenite, calcium carbonate, vegetable oil), Phosphatadyl choline, Di-calcium phosphate, Methionine, Vitamin E.


Crude protein (min.) 35%, crude fat (min.) 19%, crude fiber (max.) 1%, moisture (max.) 10%


- Harrison's Bird Foods do not contain artificial preservatives.
- Do not repackage into other containers. Squeeze air out of bag, seal and store. If zip becomes damaged, roll bag down and clip shut with chip clip or clothespin.
- Once opened, a bag of Harrison's should be used up within 8 weeks.
- Storing food in fridge or freezer helps maintain freshness.

Feeding Directions

Caution: The correct feeding technique must be used in order to prevent injury to the bird or inhalation of the formula that could result in pneumonia and death.

Step 1:Gently feel the crop to determine that it is almost empty before feeding.

Step 2: Mix fresh: 1 part dry formula to 1-3 parts bottled “drinking water” heated to approximately 103°F (39°C). Do not microwave. Allow to cool to lukewarm.

Step 3: Feeding with an irrigation syringe is probably the most universally successful technique. As one faces the bird, position the syringe to enter the oral cavity from the left side of the bird’s beak and direct it toward the right side of the bird’s neck. Deposit the food into the bird’s mouth and, as it swallows, the normal feeding response closes off the trachea and prevents aspiration of the formula into the lungs.

Step 4:Feed the bird until the crop is full but not overstuffed and clean the excess formula from the bird’s beak, feathers and enclosure.

Step 5: Small species older than 21 days and large species older than 7 days should be fed Juvenile Hand-feeding Formula.™




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Life saving 6/1/2022
Thank you so much for this magical potion that saved my 23-year-old Senegal's life. My little Forrest became unwell after becoming entangled with a bird blanket that I had purchased. I had hoped he'd snuggle with the blanket that easily affixed to the side of the cage where he sleeps at night. My cockatiels love their snuggle blanket, but it actually ended up upsetting and stressing Forrest. Before I knew it, he started losing weight and mutilating his head by repeatedly scratching himself with his toenails. He doesn't have any feathers atop his head now, but I tell him how beautiful he his, because he is. His avian vet placed him on an extensive care plan, which I followed. His doctor told me to syringe feed him with a baby chick formula, which smelled awful, and he hated it. Thankfully I thought of shopping on the Harrison's website and luckily, I found this product. He loves the flavor and it's loaded with incredible nutrition, which he needs so that his damaged little scalp is able to heal. In just 14 days, little Forrest gained five grams! We were all relieved and thankful at our follow-up visit, and I received kudos for following the doctor's recommendations and instruction. I showed his doctor what I was feeding him, and he spoke massive praises for Harrison's Bird Food. [insert heart] Thank you so much for your intelligent parrot nutrition! Karen Brown
- Karen Brown, CA
Bird LOVES this food! Helped with a super fast recovery! 9/24/2018
I took my little English parakeet to the vet last week. They thought he had a fungal infection. He was sleeping 24/7, was always puffed up and tired/lethargic, he lost 4-5 grams of weight in just a few days, and we found out he had chest congestion as well. We decided to try 1 week of antibiotics to see if he would improve. I got this special formula to help his weight gain. Ive been feeding it to him in the mornings with his probiotic mixed in. Well, wouldnt you know, he LOVES the food! If he has it in his cage, its the only thing he eats. 4 days later, hes already up 5 grams in weight and he is almost completely normal! Sneezing is gone, he has energy, and is no longer napping. Just about back to his old self. I largely credit the food because the last time he was sick, antibiotics took nearly 2 weeks of treatment for us to see any positive results in his health. I cant say enough good things about this food. I plan on giving it to him several times a week to assist with his weight. Definitely buy it. My parakeet is the pickiest bird in the world and he loves it - Im sure yours will too!
incredible 11/12/2017
helped my bird that pigeon kept having green stool. She was on her way out, refused to fly or eat. Started crop feeding her 60cc a day of this mixed with Fauna Flora and Avian Probiotic, along with Jubi hand feed. Shes made full recovery, very full of life and eats on her own now. This company makes the real deal. The Vet couldnt even help me, hundreds spent in tests that resulted in no answers. Thanks guys!!
m olsen
helped a sick chicken 2/23/2017
one of our girls recently would not eat anything, not even her favourite treats - she was checked at the vets heart, respiration etc etc,and nothing found - we wormed her but still no luck in getting her to eat. I already had some Harrisons Recovery Formula but I made it up into a thick paste which once a little bit dried out could be rolled into pellets and popped into her mouth. She was happy about this and over a week I added in her normal food and a little grain. Now 3 weeks later she is absolutely back to her old greedy self, but I doubt she would have survived without being hand fed, and the Harrisons is a good way of giving her complete nutritional support.
wendy cooper-wolfe
Great nutrition! 2/11/2017
my chicken recover well from sickness as we force feed this formula to her
Gevalin Srisooksai
Baby Sparrow 8/21/2016
I used this product to hand feed a baby sparrow we rescued due to the high protein content as opposed to Kaytee Exact Hand Feeding Formula with success. I would definitely recommend this product over Kaytee for insectivorous baby birds.
- Dana McDonald, TX
Great Product 10/12/2015
I got an african grey parrot who was an infant, and he lost 200 grams on the first week becaus i shifted him from seeds to healthy diet. I started to give him recovery formula and he gained weight and was full of energy
A life saver! 4/6/2015
I used this formula for my Quaker parrot when he stopped eating during an illness. The formula was easy to mix and has a smooth consistency. My bird loved it and it helped him through his illness until he was able to eat on his own again. Excellent formula!
- Leslie, ON