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A Premium First-Use* Formula for Medium to Large Birds

*High Potency is additionally the suggested year-round formula for the following species: African Grey parrots, cockatoos, large conures, and macaws.

  • CONVERSION TO HARRISON'S: All birds should start out and remain on High Potency formula for a period of at least 6 months at approximately 70% of the total diet. Switch large birds (other than African Grey parrots, cockatoos, large conures and macaws) to Adult Lifetime formula after the 6-month introductory period.
  • BREEDING BIRDS: High Potency formula should be fed 1-2 months prior to the breeding period and continued until the chicks are weaned or for at least 6 months before resuming Adult Lifetime formula.
  • WEANING BIRDS: High Potency formula should be fed to weaning birds for at least 6-9 months.
  • SPECIAL NEEDS: High Potency formula supports birds that are molting, overweight, underweight, particularly active, housed in a cold climate, recovering from an illness or affected by liver or kidney disease.

    Species include:
    African Greys (year-round)
    Amazons (first 6 months)
    Cockatoos (year-round)
    Eclectus(first 6 months)
    Macaws (year-round)
    Large Conures (year-round)
    Toucans (first 6 months)
  • High Potency Coarse

    *Sunflower Kernels, *Hull-less Barley, *Soybeans, *Peas, *Peanut Kernels, *Lentils, *Corn, *Brown Rice, *Toasted Oat Groats, *Alfalfa, *Psyllium, Calcium Carbonate, Bentonite, Mixed Tocopherols (source of Vitamin E), *Sea Kelp, Salt, *Algae Meal, Vitamin/Mineral Supplement (Vitamin A Palmitate, Vitamin D3 Supplement, dl-Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate, Vitamin B12 Supplement, Riboflavin Supplement, d-Calcium Pantothenate, Niacin, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Biotin, Thiamine Mononitrate, Folic Acid, Zinc Sulfate, Manganese Sulfate, Copper Sulfate, Calcium Carbonate and *Sunflower Oil) 



    Crude protein (min.) 18%, crude fat (min.) 15%, crude fiber (max.) 6.5%, moisture (max.) 10%.


    - Harrison's Bird Foods do not contain artificial preservatives.
    - Do not repackage into other containers. Squeeze air out of bag, seal and store. If zip becomes damaged, roll bag down and clip shut with chip clip or clothespin.
    - Once opened, a bag of Harrison's should be used up within 8 weeks.
    - Storing food in fridge or freezer helps maintain freshness.

    Feeding Directions

    - Once converted to Harrison's Bird Foods birds should be fed in a planned daily regimen of individual meals.
    - Feed fresh food daily, do not "top off".

    Diet Allocation (by weight)

    75% - High Potency Coarse
    20% - Organic dark green leafy, yellow meaty fresh veg & low sugar fruit
    5% - Seed/Nut/Omega 3 (hemp, chia, flax, pumpkin, sesame, sunflower, pistachio, almond, walnut, hazelnut) or JUMPSTART OMEGA

    Feeding Amounts

    AFRICAN GREY: 15 - 30g
    PIONUS: 10 - 15g
    AMAZON: 15 - 30g
    ECLECTUS: 15 - 30g
    COCKATOO: 15 - 50g
    MACAWS: 20 - 60g

    Vegetables and Fruits

    - For most medium to large parrots, Harrison's suggests a maximum of 20% (by weight) of fresh, nutrient-dense, organic vegetables and sprouts.     
    - See individual species for specific suggested items.
    - Use of a gram scale is encouraged.

    Omega 3

    - Harrison's suggests a maximum of 10% of the daily diet be made up of rich sources of omega 3 items (organic chia, flax, hemp seeds etc. as well as certain nuts high in omega 3)
    - Use of a gram scale is encouraged.

    Additional Needs

    - The importance of exercise in pet birds cannot be understated. Learn more about ways for your bird to exercise.
    - Most bird species require regular access to direct sunlight for optimal health.
    - Life enrichment, ie; foraging activities, puzzle toys, frequent social interaction and other enrichment methods are necessary to keep most pet birds healthy and happy. A lonely, bored pet bird is more sucseptible to illness than a busy, active bird.

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    I shouldn't have switched away from harison 12/6/2021
    Fausto is my African Grey. He was always doing well on harrisons previously but wound up switching to TOP because of my friend's recommendation. After about 18 months his feathers started looking not so great, so I called Harrison and spoke with gene for about an hour. He explained some things about diet that I did not know. I became aware of sunlight needs and to be weary of atherosclerosis due to poor diet and inactivity. Fausto went back on High Potency with various veggies they suggested and most of his problems appear to be going away. Thanks to Harrison'!
    - Jenn Myer, AZ
    African Grey loves it 6/24/2021
    African Grey was weaned on a competing product…when given the choice immediately preferred Harrison’s and ignored the other familiar pellets.
    Was sceptical 5/20/2021
    Ive tried my Ring Neck on almost everything. Some minor success with the odd individual foods. I dropped 3 large nuggets in her bowl this morning with a little apple juice on them and she devoured them! She constantly comes to the cage wanting more! I even gave her one and she grabbed it and ate it like it was a treat!! So relieved shes actually eating properly and getting quality food. I must admit I thought the prior reviews were fake. 100% happy and so is Billie :
    J Hamilton
    Harrisons helped save Colonel!! 10/2/2020
    I rescued Colonel from my brother in December 2019, he is a Military Macaw that has been in my family his whole life, he is 25 years old and is about 4 months younger than my oldest daughter. My brother had not taken care of him and you could just look at him and know that he was in trouble health wise. His feathers were full of black spots, and ragged dull colors. Not having any idea of how to care for a bird, I reached out and located a vet to get a baseline of what I was in for with him as he is really my Dads bird and it would kill him to think he died due to not being cared for. I quickly learned that he had pneumonia and an upper respiratory infection, he was also almost a whole pound underweight and felt like just bones and feathers no muscle tone at all weighed only 800 grams. We fought pneumonia for two months and Harrisons food was strongly suggested to begin transitioning him to, as my brother had been feeding him human pasta and human peanut butter with cinnamon sprinkled in it. I for the life of me could not find a pet store that carried Harrisons and was told by the local parrot store that they stopped caring it because it because of the low shelf life. I was crushed because I knew he needed the best and the vet knew best. I then started to look on line, I found it on Amazon but the mark up was crazy $51.00 for High Potency 5lb and cringed because I could not afford to continue to order the food I know he so much needed. I continued to look online and that is when I found Harrisons website. I am now able to give Colonel the best food for him, I have since found out that he has never really been feed right and has plaque build up throughout his whole body and will now be on blood thinners the rest of his life. He has put on weight, he has been molting and his new feathers are beautifully colored and he is talking and very active, he is now a very happy bird. I love Harrisons as they helped me save my Dads bird and will help me make sure he lives a full happy life.
    - Dawn Gibson, WA
    Best pellets ever 12/7/2019
    We use these pellets everyday for our MaCaw and Cockatoo. They are 18 yrs. and 12 and 1/2. They love their pellets and Harrison’s keeps them healthy.
    - Glenna Lamons, TN
    Everyone loves the Harrisons 7/2/2019
    I have five parrots, three of which are under a year of age. Everyone loves the Harrisons and I would never feed anything else. Other foods are like raising your children on fruit loops. Unfortunately my dogs also love the Harrisons and will get right up in the bird cages and empty out the bowls on an almost daily basis.
    Valerie E
    Green Wing 9/5/2018
    My Green Wing Macaw has been on Zupreem Avian Breeder Diet for 15 years. He is such a sweet boy but he picks and mutilates all his feathers on wings, tail, back, chest and legs. I switched him over to Harrison for the past 6 months. His feathers have been coming in like crazy. He looks so handsome now. He still snaps some feathers into but he does not look like a gray fuzzy duck anymore.
    - April, GA
    Saved my bird 6/5/2018
    My African Grey was suffering from the stress of a series of moves. Started plucking and having recurring gram positive micro tests. My veterinarian had tried to get me to switch off seeds for many years to the Harrisons crunches. Finally we made the switch. It was only difficult for a month or so. Now a year later Rocco is as healthy and happy as I have ever seen him. Thank you Dr. Harison
    - Mark Medley, CO
    Cant believe it! 3/21/2018
    My African Grey was a rescue. Shes been a finicky eater, and grouchy girl. I have a hard time getting her to eat anything other than Sunflower seeds. I have tried all kinds of tricks to try to get her to eat better.. nothing worked. Until I decided to try Harrisons. I was afraid to buy it for fear she wouldnt eat it like all the things prior. She LOVES it! Weve been going strong on this food for 1 week now and she LOVES It - She gets excited when I bring it to her..I cant wait to see what long term benefits shell get from it.!
    - Jenni Pooh, OK
    High Potency Coarse works well. 2/28/2017
    Recommended by our vet for the African Gray named Peter, this organic pellet has been fed to the bird, who suffers from thyroid problems and is on thyroid medication, for several years. Several years of this pellet and the medication seem to have kept the bird as healthy as it was when it was naturally healthy. Mind you, this is a serious health issue for a one-pound parrot and one that can be the end of life for the bird. I think that the Harrisons High Potency Coarse directly contributed to maintaining the parrot healthy and hopefully living for many more years in our company! : We exclusively buy this brand, and we should switch our Sun Conjure to the appropriate coarseness of this brand as well. This is the best, and veterinarian-recommended!
    - Anton Golovin, FL
    10+ year user 2/19/2017
    We have fed our African Grey this food for over ten years. More like 15. It was recommended by our Avian Vet. Our Grey is a healthy, happy camper. This food is his main diet. We never have to worry about the quality, it is always consistent and fresh. He is the best barometer, he loves it. The only reason he throws it out of his bowl is because of his compulsion to seed the forest. When you love your pal like we do, you want the best. Harrisons High Potency, coarse for large hookbills is it! Did we forget to mention, our pal is 21 now.
    Huge improvement for my B&G Macaw 10/21/2015
    I have a 35 year old male Blue and Gold Macaw who had been extremely aggressive for years and was obsessed with different forms of breeding behavior. He seemed frustrated and angry all the time. He had been on different brands of other pelleted diets over the years. I switched him completely to Harrisons High Potency and removed all seed from his diet. It took about 6 months but he is a changed bird. He still has his issues but he is calmer, much less aggressive to my husband, and has lost his obsession with wreaking havoc around the house. He is actually a good companion again.
    - Cindy Yepez, TX
    Glad I came back to Harrisons 9/25/2015
    My African Grey Pongo came up on Harrisons High Pro food and did well for his first 2 years. I joined an online forum where fellow members advised me to switch off of Harrisons to a mixture of seed, beans and chopped up fruits and vegetables. He seemed to do Ok the first year or so of this new diet but he eventually started pulling feathers and looked kinda ratty after about the second year. I decided to go back to the Harrisons but Pongo really had a thing for seeds and it took some time to get him off of them but with the help of a few people at Harrisons we were able to get back on track. It has been a few months since hes been back on this food but he has been molting finally and I hope this will help with the plucking which has started to subside lately. Fingers crossed that these improvements continue. So glad Harrisons is now organic and non-gmo. Thats how I eat and it should be good enough for Pongo too. Thanks Dr. Harrison!
    - Anna P., LA
    Bindi LOVES Her Harrisons Pellets! 8/12/2015
    Many, MANY years ago, I had a Blue and Gold McCaw and an African Grey, both of whom I loved dearly. But, those were the olden days, before computers, and before the information highway and so, not knowing any better, my poor birds lived for 20 plus years on a diet of 90% sunflower seeds, some nuts, a few veggies & fruits... and little else. When I look back on those days, my heart breaks for those much-loved birds who didnt get their proper nourishment. Sadly, my beloved B&G passed away of an upper respiratory infection...and my CAG was stolen, and never found. Fast-forward to 2 years ago. I finally decided to purchase another bird. My Congo African Grey, Bindi, was shipped across the country to me, with a huge supply of bagged, mixed seeds, nuts and dried fruits. She was just a 5 mo. old baby, newly weaned... but was healthy and content...so I supplemented with organic seeds and nuts which I purchased online, from a human-food source, as well as a ton of veggies and fruits which I chopped up for her, daily. Then, after only 2 months of reading many articles and visiting tons of parrot sites, online...I discovered your wonderful Harrisons Pellets. EVERYONE in the know about Parrots, online, highly recommended them...so, of course, I had to give them a go. Bindi...LOVED them! Although, the advice is to wean them slowly, Bindi took to the Harrisons so quickly, that I was able to eliminate all the seeds and nuts within a week...and except for on VERY special occasions... Her birthday and mine, holidays, etc. and the occasional just because day... she gets no nuts or seeds; just a steady diet of Harrisons High Potency, Coarse...along with her veggies and fruits. Immediately after begging the Harrison Pellets, Bindi began talking! She TALKS up a storm...participates in lengthy, entire conversations, is happy, friendly, healthy and is a wonderful weight! Her feathers, nails and beak are all in excellent condition...although I do wish she would let me spray her with water or feather conditioner, rather than insisting on taking daily baths in her drinking water! Because she cant seem to stay OUT of her water dishes...Ive supplemented them with a huge Lixet Water Bottle, which hangs on the outside of her cage. She took to drinking from it, instantly...and she loves it! Now I can keep her water sparkling clean and full of pristine, bottled water...and I dont worry about bath germs! We dont have an Vet in the area who specializes in birds, although, after much searching, Ive found one who WILL clip nails and wings and do well-bird check-ups. For illness though, we will have to go much, further away. He examined Bindi, pronounced her in EXCELLENT condition, and said I was ABSOLUTELY doing the BEST thing for her, by feeding her your Harrisons Pellets! I want to THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart, for providing myself, and all other bird owners, with such a wonderful, healthy, and complete food! Also I would like to commend you for your EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE and your oh-so-FRIENDLY and HELPFUL staff, Patricia and Penny...who answer the phones and place my orders for me. They are so kind and patient and never seem to tire of my questions and/or bird stories! I appreciate you so much...and I love chatting with you, each time I call to place an order! I learn a lot...and feel as though Ive made life-long friends for myself and my bird! So again; thank you for a FANTASTIC PRODUCT...and for your CARING AND HELPFUL STAFF! I will be your life-long customer; of that you can be sure! PS:-Bindi just piped up with a couple of added words for this review; Want some? YUM!! VERY TASTY!... That about says it ALL; dontcha think?
    - Lynn Turner, WA
    My conure will eat only this pellet 5/23/2015
    I have a 28 yr old jenday/gold cap conure female who was on seed for much of the first part of her life. I was told by my vet to get her off seed and slowly transition her to Harrisons, which he high recommended. Bo has been on Harrison and wont eat some of the other brands - though I tried. Im told at her age shes ancient - but she doesnt act it. Wish I could buy the product in my area so I have to order on line. Thank goodness I can do that!
    Best Feed ever 8/18/2014
    This is the best feed that I have ever given my African Gray, Pappy, who is 12. His feathering, stamina, vocabulary, and overall health are drastically improved in the years he has been eating this diet. I thank Harrisons for helping me to maintain a very healthy bird.
    Good stuff! 7/31/2014
    My Grey loves it. Unfortunately she still picks too much---was hoping it would help with that but alas, she likes it and its good for her. I learned from a friend that the store bought pellets CAN be bad; it almost killed her Grey and she put me onto Harrisons. Thank you for a quality, reliable food
    - Kim, CA
    Even Daisy Likes It! 6/14/2014
    When I brought home my baby African Grey Oliver I was prepared by his breeder with a bag of Harrisons which is Olivers staple food. I gave some to my seven year old Red Bellied Daisy who is a finicky eater at best. She loves it!
    Great food for picky birds 11/27/2013
    My Sever Macaw. has been on Harrisons since she was weaned. I tried several other foods but she would just throw it everywhere. My vet suggested Harrisons and she took to it right away.
    - Susan, FL
    Best Bird Food Ever! 10/16/2013
    My two African Greys love Harrisons Bird Foods, including the power treats. I like that the foods are organic, and full of essential vitamins and minerals. Only the best for my kids!
    I wish I had known 10/15/2013
    African greys, Sun Conures I have been an avid bird owner for many years and always bought petstores seed mixes. My birds wound up in the vets office many times due to various poor health problems. The vet expressed her preference that after the first bird passed away that I get the new one off seeds and on to Harrisons pellets. I had been afraid that they wouldnt switch, but I contacted Harrisons and spoke to gene, who helped me switch all the birds to High Potency Coarse. It was actually easy to do. This was maybe 15 months ago. Now all three birds have molted and my vet says they are problem free! They look like brand new feathers! Thank you to Dr. Harrison for making this food. My birds love it!
    - Gerry Cologna, NY
    High Potency Course 7/31/2013
    Great Product! Provides all the nutriants necessary for proper maintenance of health. We feed it to our 7 year old female eclectus and male african grey. They love it and can not get enough of it! The Vet always comments on how healthly they are and look. I highly recommended this product for both daily diet and health recovery.
    My Birds derserve the best! 6/25/2013
    My Amazon had poor coloring to his feathers caused by ignorance on my part. I fed him a seed diet plus table food most of his life. He is 26 years old now and I think he wouldnt be with me much longer were it not for Harrisons! I had changed him to a zupreem diet thinking that was good. Kept him on that a year and then discovered this feed. He has now been on it about 6 months and through a molt. Most of his discolored feathers are replaced with beutiful vibrant colored feathers and he is gorgeous. We also have a precious young white cap Pionus that is the love of our family. She was hand fed and then kept on zupreem up until about 2 monts ago. I though that the blackish tips on her feathers was a normal coloring of this type of bird but now I know after a few months of Harrisons HP and the new feathers coming in from molting that she was also not properly nourished in her 2 short years thus far! I feel guilty that I hadnt fed her better until now. I will feed them Harrisons forever and am so thankful that I switched both of them to it!
    - Lisa D, TN
    Eric van Kooten Bsc 6/22/2013
    Im using this product for more than 15 years, great breeding results and healthy breeding stock. African Greys and Poicephalus species. Lesser vet costs and more babies. Dr. Harrison thanks for all your effort you put in this product
    - Eric van Kooten, INT