GREY MILLET - Certified Organic - 5lb Bag

GREY MILLET - Certified Organic - 5lb Bag

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How to offer

Millet is best offered in tray-type feeders or tube type feeders. The grain is too small for mesh feeders. Offer fresh, clean feeder regularly.


Certified organic grey millet.

Guaranteed Analysis:
Fat: 4%
Fiber: 14%.
Moisture: 12%

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Grey Millet 9/28/2018
My parrotlet, Pickles, has been eating this for years. It is a good quality millet and a good addition to her regular diet. She has a food dish with regular seed and one for the millet. It is not messy as it does not hang in his cage and does not end up outside of it. It was highly recommended by her avian vet.
- Jean, GA
A plus 12/21/2017
My little parakeets love this grey millet... one time I ran quite low and purchased a good brand commercial bird seed...ran out of the millet before the new order arrived; my little guys refused to eat the pet store seed. Happily I had some lifetime; the millet arrived quickly and with the lifetime and fresh cucumbers they were happy. I discovered they will eat most fruits and veggies if they are round in shape!