FAUNA FLORA (Certified Organic) - 2 oz

FAUNA FLORA (Certified Organic) - 2 oz

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*Haiman and Frank (1994)

**Stopping the multiplication of pathogens in the GIT hence improving immunity (Kabir et al. 2005; Schneitz 2005; Musa et al. 2009);
***Direct nutritional effect or improvement of digestion (Awad et al. 2006; Apata 2008); Promote digestive enzyme activity (Han et al. 1999; Yoon et al. 2004);
Stimulation of the immune system (Haghighi et al. 2006; Brisbin et al. 2008);

****Lowering gut pH via the production of wide range of organic acids (Chichlowski et al. 2007; Ezema and Ugwu 2014) and;
*****Competition with pathogens for adhesion sites on the gut wall, hence stopping the formation of colonies of destructive bacteria (Guillot 2003; Choudhari et al. 2008).

Comparative Clinical Pathology article
JAVMA Reference: Clinical features, treatment and outcomes in cutaneous and oral squamous cell carcinoma in avian species.

Fauna Flora

Organic ground corn, saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast and the media on which it was grown, consisting of organic hominy, organic corn, organic wheat, and organic sugarcane molasses.


Crude protein (min.) 10%, Crude fat (min.) 3%, Crude fiber(max.) 5%.


Store in freezer upon opening.

Dosage and Administration

- BIRDS: A pinch (1/16 tsp) per meal

- OTHER ANIMALS: Top dress animal's food with tsp FAUNA FLORA per 1 cup food or 1 tsp per 1 cup food for geriatric animals.


NOTE: HBD'S Bulletin Bird (1/12/23) accidentally included an incorrect Fauna Flora protein amount of 42%. The correct protein analysis is 10%.

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incredible stuff 11/12/2017
helped my bird that pigeon kept having green stool. She was on her way out, refused to fly or eat. Started crop feeding her 60cc a day of this mixed with Fauna Flora and Avian Probiotic, along with Jubi hand feed. Shes made full recovery, very full of life and eats on her own now. This company makes the real deal. The Vet couldnt even help me, hundreds spent in tests that resulted in no answers. Thanks guys!!
M Olsen