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Dose and Administration

Recommended dosage: one third of a packet for a parrot below 0.5 kg per day For bigger birds like macaws use half of a packet per day.

Duration of treatment is 30 days. (NOTE: 10 packets required for small bird / 15 packets for large birds)

Probiotic powder can be mixed with Harrison's Hand-Feeding formula, moistened Harrison's nuggets, fresh fruits or any other soft food. The open foil packets should be closed and stored in the fridge for a maximum of 3 days.


1.5g contains viable bacteria of lactic acid with a bacterial count of 1000 million per gram. Other ingredients: potato starch, lactose. maltodextrin.

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excellent product 5/6/2021
Helped my cockatiel rebuild his immune system after a round of antibiotics. Highly recommend
incredible 11/12/2017
helped my bird that pigeon kept having green stool. She was on her way out, refused to fly or eat. Started crop feeding her 60cc a day of this mixed with Fauna Flora and Avian Probiotic, along with Jubi hand feed. Shes made full recovery, very full of life and eats on her own now. This company makes the real deal. The Vet couldnt even help me, hundreds spent in tests that resulted in no answers. Thanks guys!!
Mike O
I can not recommend this product enough! After years of near constant infections and diarrhea in my CAG, I discovered this pro-biotic. My avian vet researched it for me and recommended that I use 1/3 packet/day over wet food, such as: fresh fruit/veggie. My bird typically weighs around 500g. Once opened, the packet has a max shelf-life of 3 days in the fridge. I will tell you that although the dosage calls for a treatment course of 30 days, for a bird such as mine who has chronic issues, my vet says that you can just leave them on it. I had used the product for a handful of 30 day stints, prior to going over to full-time use. My CAG is now at almost 250 consecutive days and he is doing AMAZING! For a bird that vehemently refuses to touch Bene-Bac, this product has been a life-saver! A truly great option for anyone looking to enhance their birds overall health! Good luck!
- Allison, NY
Perfect for Pigeons 8/7/2015
Its amazing what this probiotic can do. I have tried many others both for humans as well as those sold specifically for pigeons, and while some of them will make a bit of a difference in the firmness of the droppings, this German stuff does wonderful things for my pigeon. Shes a three year old female rescue thats kept exclusively indoors, but despite the best food and care has a pretty weak immune system. Every once in a while shell get diarrhea, stop eating and become lethargic. Before I had tried this probiotic, I would have to give her antibiotics which although they worked well and fast, were not a great solution to a recurring problem. Now instead of antibiotics, I give her this probiotic and she goes back to feeling perfect although it does take one or two days longer than with an antibiotic. In the meantime I provide supportive care - regular hand feeding to make sure she has food in her at all time and a few drops of apple cider vinegar in her water. When shes down, I do this whether shes taking a probiotic or an antibiotic. I am amazed and thrilled this probiotic can have such a drastic effect on such a visibly sick bird. Having said that if you notice that your bird is not feeling well, and you arent 100% sure that you know what is going on and how to treat it, dont delay - take your bird to the vet immediately. I also use the Healx Booster as well as Booster concentrate, but not really sure how much of a difference they make. With the probiotic, the results are dramatic, which to me more than justifies its rather exorbitant price. Speaking of which, I cant afford to waste any, so I dont put the probiotic in the water or the food. Instead, I pour it - its a powder - into two or three empty gel caps size 4 that go directly down the birds throat.
Cockatoo Diet 1/13/2014
I rescued a sulfur crested cockatoo from a market in Bangkok. His dropings were watery and lacking ureate. He appeared to have been living on a diet of Sunflower and Banana. I fed him the fine High Protein mix with 1/2 Tbsp. ground cashews and peanuts flavored with naturally sweetened pomegranate juice. Used the probiotic mixed with the cashews and then combined with the fine pellets. It took him about 7 days to acclimate to the new diet. Positive notceable dropping results in about 5 days. Cockie is an almost overly vibrant bird now! It has been 8 months and I am switching to the adult maintenance diet and will continue with the probiotic. Cockie was in rough shape when I found him.. he is the star of the neighborhood in Northern Thailand now.. If I could only get him to stop crying for his Harrisons in the morning. I also fed Harrisons to a marsh hen and chicks that live in the pond in the back of my house here... she runs out of the reeds whenever I bring the storage bottle out..
- Gary Harper, INT