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Recommended Harrison’s Formula for Amazon parrots:

HIGH POTENCY COARSE for 3-6 months followed by ADULT LIFETIME COARSE. High Potency may be fed during and following times of molting, laying eggs, raising babies or recovering from an illness.

NEONATE FORMULA for the first three weeks of life, then JUVENILE FORMULA for faster weight gain and reduced numbers of hand-feedings daily.

Amazons have extroverted personalities and entertaining antics, but these birds don't always enjoy being touched or "cuddled." Some may be considered hyperactive or short-tempered. All Amazons tend to form a bond with a specific individual, which may turn into aggression toward other family members, especially during the breeding season. Amazon parrots are best known for their excellent ability to mimic. Double yellow-headed, yellow-naped and blue-fronted Amazons seem to have the best potential for talking, laughing, coughing or even imitating a baby's cry. Mealy and orange-winged Amazons are not as lively and talkative as other species; they are generally regarded as more gentle and affectionate. They generally are not ideal pets around children. 

Some Amazons have a tendency to develop atherosclerosis and become obese as they get older; these birds seem to respond to the higher fat, higher protein formulation of High Potency Coarse, as long as it is carefully measured by the piece to help maintain their proper weight. Additional food items, such as sweet potatoes, celery, bok choy and leafy greens may be added for bulk. Other table foods, nuts or seeds are prohibited.

Harrison's Bird Foods
A premium first-use formula for medium to large birds such as African greys, macaws, Amazons and cockatoos, etc.

Harrison's Bird Foods
Daily maintenance formula for medium - large birds such at Amazons, cockatoos, macaws and pionus etc.

Harrison's Bird Foods
Spicy daily maintenance formula for medium - large birds such at Amazons, cockatoos, macaws and pionus etc.

Harrison's Bird Foods
Tasty treat and conversion formula for most birds