Igor the Lovebird!

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Special thanks to Che and her wonderful lovebird Igor for sending us feedback on Igor’s recovery!
Igor – April 2010
“Hello, I wanted to share a story about your products and my lovebird Igor.
Igor was a ragged and naked little lovebird who I saw in a pet store and decided to rescue. Igor was featherless in many places and the story the pet store gave me was that he (or she) had been picked on by the other lovebirds and driven out. They said the feathers would grow back. After I brought Igor home I took him to the vet who said that he probably had PBFD. I went home and researched the disease, seeing horror story after horror story about the disease. When the tests came back positive I was crushed. A second vet I took him to months later said “Get Igor eating Harrison’s!” It took awhile to get Igor converted but after a few weeks Igor now eats it exclusively (High Potency Super Fine). Now, Igor is a new bird! His feathers have grown back! Which was astounding? Especially with the disease he has. His energy level has skyrocketed, vocalizations increased, and now Igor has a bright future ahead, PBFD or no!
A couple months ago the skin on his left foot thickened (probably from the PBFD) and he started chewing on it really badly. He had to go to the vet for it because the sores kept getting bigger and he started to limp (Igor’s amazing improvement – left and below!). That was also how we met our new and incredible vet who has been wonderful. But after about three weeks of bandages and foot cream (Soother Plus Cream) his foot is back to normal. We keep putting the cream on every other day or so. And Igor gets spritzed with the Rain spray daily.”

As you can see from these photos, Igor has made major improvements in just a very short time. We would once again like to thank Che for allowing us to use her wonderful photos!

All photos courtesy of Che (and Igor).

For further information on Harrison’s Bird Foods and HEALx/AVIx products please contact our friendly, live staff at 800-346-0269

Presidential Cancer Panel: Go Organic!

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With the recent government urge to move towards organic for the health of our country’s people, we are compelled to remind pet bird owners that feeding birds organic is even more critical than ever. The delicate immune systems of birds are even more susceptible to the harmful effects of chemical pesticides than those of humans. Choosing a certified organic, formulated diet for the health of your bird is a no-brainer.

Please read the full article provided via the OTA (Organic Trade Association):


“The American people—even before they are born—are bombarded continually with myriad combinations of these dangerous exposures,” the panel wrote in a letter to President Obama. It added. “The Panel urges you most strongly to use the power of your office to remove the carcinogens and other toxins from our food, water, and air that needlessly increase health care costs, cripple our Nation’s productivity, and devastate American lives.”

Harrison’s Bird Foods are third-party certified organic and carry the USDA Organic Seal.

Power Treats are a hit with Coco!

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Special thanks to Coco’s momma (Robin in North Carolina) for allowing us to post this pics of her lovely Amazon digging into some tasty, certified organic Power Treats with Brazilian Palm Fruit Oil.
“Coco has been a Harrison’s eater since she was hatched”
Just look at those lush green feathers!

Joey Loves Harrison’s Bird Foods – Part II

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After posting our first images of Joey we recieved these new “before and afters” and Joey’s playground. Note the improvement in Joey’s feathers, beak and feet.. Even more important than the improvements you can physically see are the internal ones you can’t see..

Joey’s Story: “I inherited Joey from my PawPaw after he passed away in August of 2008. At the time, she had been mostly fed a diet of pistachios. While I know my grandparents did the best they knew how, I wanted to honor my PawPaw by giving Joey the best life possible. Thank goodness for Dr. Strother from the North Alabama Cat and Bird Clinic. She highly recommended Harrison’s for Joey and gave me a sample to take home. Like I said in the earlier email, the transition was a snap and Joey was hooked after only 3 days! Her Vet records show that all her levels are right on target and that she is completely healthy.” – Elli
Special thanks to Elli for sharing her wonderful story and photos of Joey with us. 🙂

Joey Loves Harrison’s Bird Foods!

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We get mail! We often get letters and photos from satified customers. Recently Elli sent us these pics of Joey the cockatoo digging into some fresh High Potency Coarse.. Looks like Joey might need some more Harrison’s, quick!
“Dear Dr. Harrison,

Dr. Strother at North Alabama Cat & Bird Clinic suggested Harrison’s for my 20 year old female Cockatoo Joey. So, I came here to buy. The transition to Harrison’s pellets was as easy as pie, and Joey dives into it like it’s going out of style! Thank you so much for providing us bird lovers with a quality organic pellet for our babies! I wanted you to see some pictures of Joey diving into a Harrison’s bag. It’s quite funny and I now have to hide it from her!

Thanks again,





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Kakarikis Mango and Melon try Harrison’s Bird Bread – and Love It!

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Special thanks to Laura D. (Lincolnshire, UK) for letting us use these wonderful images of her pet Kakarikis Mango and Melon trying Harrison’s Bird Bread Mix for the first time!

“Kakarikis in general are wonderful birds, while they do not fit in as making great pets due to the space and exercise needed they fitted into my lifestyle perfectly. I never wanted a parrot I’d have to cuddle and walk around with, they are wonderful to watch fly around the house and make an absolute mess!

After Mango fell ill Christmas Eve and was diagnosed with psittacosis, we had to make a hard decision to treat or not so we gave it a go. This means all my flock have been under strict quarantine and life has changed a bit. I even had to put breeding budgies to side and focus and getting everyone well. threw the toughest of times. You can still hear my Kakarikis making kissy noises and screaming ‘hello’ from their room.

Melon was a rescue from a family who owned three parrots, they started fighting so the family clipped their wings and threatened to release her into the wild. a rescue family came along who took on many animals and the little girl in who they named ‘Beau’. They treated her like gold and was spoilt rotten, I was then chosen to take her on. Now her flights are grown back in, she is more confident happy bird and isn’t scared of trying her best at anything!

I think they are brave little soldiers! with a heart of gold.”

I asked for some samples of Harrisons through the post and both Kakarikis took to them no problem, i then went to place an order and noticed the bird bread was on offer- why not get some too!
When they arrived I had so much fun cooking them and made some lovely cute muffins and a slap.
My birds love them (even the budgies!) and they are a wonderful treat.”

Thanks again to Laura D. and our friends at The Avian Avenue!